I Love Being Sober

Reasons That I Love Being Sober

Hidden gems have appeared during my time in sobriety. I started the journey with the hopes to feel better. What I’ve found is that I don’t only feel better, I love being sober. I know how to live in a way that impacts every area of my life, bringing about unexpected good.

I find it necessary to share this with you. Particularly because others were kind enough to help me by giving their time and experience, I now wish to do the same. This gift was given to me, and I know that if I want to keep it, I’m going to have to give it away. My wish is that this reaches you exactly when you need it.

The List of Gifts I’ve Received in Sobriety

Let me elaborate about reasons that I love being sober as I’ve become more present, engaged in relationships, educated myself, and more. Here we go!

On being present to the moment:

-Noticing the way the snow sticks to my dog’s hair, the way he looks at me in the morning, and how excited he gets when I throw him a bone

-Watching the clouds move and fade away as new ones come to take their place, how they sometimes obscure sunlight, and the infinite shapes into which they morph

-Remembering fond moments of affection between myself and loved-ones, laughter over life’s unpredictability, and unexplainable happenings of synchronicity

On adventures:

-Having money to spend on experiences I’ve wanted to have but didn’t make important, taking long drives from city to suburb with my favorite music playing, and saying ‘yes’ to spontaneity

-Planning vacations to beautiful places, capturing memories along the way, and living to reminisce

On relationships:

-Knowing when I’ve harmed myself or somebody and being able to make it right, forgiving myself and others for mistakes, and believing that we’re all doing our best

-The dignity that comes with making it right, the joy of moving beyond the hurt, and the way life opens up when I’m free of resentment

On learning:

-Taking classes that interest me, moving closer toward earning a degree, and interacting with classmates

-Reading about different religious traditions, trying out spiritual practices, and getting disciplined to meditate

-Finding out about the way things work, seeking to understand others’ processes, thoughts, and feelings, and putting time and energy toward my wellbeing

On giving:

-Sharing my journey with others who want to attain sobriety and watching their lives get better, donating time and money toward causes that I’m passionate about, and offering my available resources to others

-Contributing to the happiness of strangers with a smile, kind thought, word, or well wish, doing random acts of kindness, and showing up for myself and others.

The Thing I Love the Most

Of everything I mentioned above, my very favorite is the mystery of life that continues to keep me in awe and inspired. The unknown to come is enough of a reason that I love being sober.

A Motivation for You

It should be mentioned that this list isn’t complete. Some experiences continue to astonish me along this journey. I can sum it up by saying that whether I feel good, bad, or somewhere between, the choice I’ve made to live a sober life consistently supports me.

As an individual, I realize that everyone will experience this path in different ways. While watching the clouds or learning about various religious traditions is fascinating for me, it may bore the next person. Yet, that person is free to explore and find what moves them!

Go ahead and try something on this list that appeals to you. You may find that it brings you unanticipated joy and you can say, “I love being sober!”

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