Our Story

Here is the amazing story of how Lorraine’s House – Sober Living Home for women came to life!

“As I made my first baby steps to healthy living and recovery one woman stands out as being incredibly significant. That woman was my sister in law.

Meet Lorraine!

Lorraine. She was a loving, no nonsense woman who was full of whimsy and humor. She was inclusive and steadfast as I navigated my uncertainty and went into sober living myself. She was an inspiration. Lorraine’s own battle with ovarian cancer ended in 2016 and left me with a desire to honor that special place she had always played in my life. She was a woman of substance.

With Lorraine’s House Sober Living Homes for Women, it is my intention to recreate the same kind of safe, no nonsense structure, the inclusive and loving atmosphere that Lorraine would have created herself.”

Lucy Brown, Founder

Our Vision

To be a vehicle of sober living for women by creating an environment which inspires, promotes and supports the well-being and recovery of beings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, safe, structured transitional living by empowering women recovering from addiction.

Our Values

  • Sober Living for Women
  • Safety
  • Absolute Commitment to Your Recovery
  • Respect and Devotion
  • Empowerment
  • Community