Addiction Myths Everyone in Kansas City Should Know

There are a lot of stories about misinformation and “fake news” nowadays.

Sadly, one of the issues that I frequently see misinformation on, is addiction myths. There are numerous myths surrounding addiction and addiction recovery, and most of them are just simply not true.

Here are some common addiction myths I frequently see. All of which can be damaging to addiction recovery and prevention.

One of the biggest myths about addiction is what an addict looks like. Most of us think of a creepy man in a dark alley…but that’s not what it typically looks like.

Many of us associate things like unemployment, male gender, minority and criminal status as some of the describing attributes of an addict.

However, this is just not true. Reality is that there are addicts in every sector of sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic group and gender. Addiction is a widespread issue that affects all types of people.

Another common myth is that addicts are not functioning members of society. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Addicts frequently hold down jobs despite their drug use.

Many have families and friends and lead active lives. However, at some point addiction typically begins to affect one or more of these areas. Each addiction and recovery path is different. Some will progress in their addiction quickly, for others it can take years before family and friends notice.

You can only be addicted to hard drugs or alcohol is another bit of untruth that I frequently hear about addition and addiction recovery.

Physicians and the drugs they are prescribing have become a huge source of addiction and addiction related deaths.

In 2106, 40% of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths were from a prescription opioid. (CDC) Many of the drugs like Oxycodone and Percocet are highly habit forming and even for those without addiction precursors can become easily addicted.

Which leads me to the next big myth I run into.

You choose to become an addict. Many of us think addict and we think that someone willingly chose to engage in that lifestyle and behavior.

This is far from the truth. Most addicts have other factors at play such as trauma during upbringing, genetics, environment and personality or developmental factors. Substance use may initially be a personal choice, but addiction and abuse of a substance is not.

Seeing this can be difficult which is why interventions from family and friends and assisted sober living can be so valuable.

We all need support and help at times in our life. Whether it is for you or a friend or family member, Lorraine’s House can provide the love and support that is needed during this time of healing and recovery.

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