Not everyone has a solid foundation to build upon in life. Some of our beginnings are messy, unstructured and sometimes even painful when we look back at how our lives began their journey on this earth. For others, the path was easier at first, but somewhere along the way the path became muddy and we started to lose our way. Whether your beginning was solid and strong or filled with bumps that detoured your expectations, we believe you always have the capability to begin again.

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To begin, by definition means to start, perform or undergo the first part of something. Every day gives us the opportunity to start over with fresh perspective and a new sunrise to welcome us to the beauty that is all around us.

At Lorraine’s House and The Farmhouse we offer women the opportunity to create their own new beginnings. It truly begins with the decision to become sober and to face the addiction that is threatening to overtake your life and destroy the hope of your tomorrow. We believe that it is never too late to begin again, to make that decision to start your new life with hope and purpose and to uncover the potential within yourself to thrive and begin to love your life again.

Why put it off until tomorrow, what you can embrace today? Now is your chance to take back the life you know you deserve and to invite new opportunities to see yourself and the world around you in a beautifully powerful way.

Begin again. Right now. Take this moment to remember that you have value and light and love that is shining within you. Let us help you uncover your shine and spread your love. Let us show you how valuable you are to us and to your family members who recognize that you are struggling.

Call Lorraine’s House today at 913-953-8371 and let us help you to begin again.