There are a lot of stigmas around those suffering from Addiction, Depression and even Anxiety. Most of these are negative and hurtful. Stigmas often send the message that these diseases are a choice and are one of the many reasons people avoid volunteering their time to sober living homes.

Yet, many of us have been affected by Addiction, Depression, or Anxiety in some way or another. We each have stories to share and lives we can help to influence. This is an opportunity to help heal our community.

Whether you have personally dealt with one of these diseases, or know someone who has, you can help provide support to those suffering and aide in their healing process.

Through sharing your personal experiences, you can help encourage others to stay sober and to have hope. If you have personally overcome addiction or have been affected by a family member with depression, you may be able to share powerful life experiences which help those in addiction recovery.

Your experiences can help to remind them to stay strong, to continue their treatment and why they are in sober living. Giving back can also be quite rewarding.

Those who give back are often reminded of their own recovery and are encouraged to continue sober living. If you have been affected by a family member with Addiction or Depression you can be a listening ear. Be a shoulder to lean on for those suffering.

You can feel proud giving back to your community and in this impactful way. Many who give of their time feel a greater self-worth and value after doing so. Having a sense of purpose and value can also help battle against depression and anxiety.

It helps one gain perspective and connect to their community.

There truly is no down side to giving back to a sober living home and to those affected by Addiction or Depression. You really can have a win-win. Worst case scenario you will have gained a few friends along the way.