Continuing care means something different to everyone.

A woman recovering from a stressful day of work may receive care by getting a pedicure or a full-body massage. For a woman recovering from addiction, it looks very different.

Continuing care for addiction requires strength, courage, knowledge and a very strong support system. Battling this on your own is not only difficult, it is unnecessary. There are many support systems at your fingertips.

What would inspire you? Attending a structured 12 step program, a holistic weekend retreat with other women in need, a halfway home, coaching/therapy? What does care mean to you? What image promotes feelings of wellbeing? No matter what image just popped into your head, Lorraine’s House can nurture that feeling.

Lorraine’s House is a solace for any woman looking for continuing care. They create a safe environment that focuses on recovery by empowering women. Lorraine’s house partners with other supporting companies within the community to remain at the forefront of continuing education and support to provide women with the most beneficial treatment available. Lorraine’s House focuses on long-term recovery and your wellbeing is paramount in your journey.

If you chose Lorraine’s House as a refuge, a 5-night minimum stay is required. They only ask a few things of you while you are in the house. The safety of all residents is their primary focus, personal care and respect for yourselves and others is the small price you pay to become a housemate.

Lorraine’s House will add value to your life and you, in turn, can add value to Lorraine’s House. If this sounds like a relationship you would like to be a part of, you would be welcomed with open arms.
Please go to for more information and to start your journey of health, happiness, and self-discovery.