Fun in Sobriety

While reading about having fun in sobriety, I’m going to say something that may shock you or come across as insensitive. But, stick with me and read through this because I’m going to dispell these myths and come to a considerably more optimistic conclusion. I’ll provide many ways you can make sure they aren’t your reality. So, that shocking stuff that I mentioned?! What is it?

Well, you’ve chosen to get sober, and it’s going to SUCK. Now you’re just going to be a boring low-life with nothing to talk about, do, or experience. That’s what you’ve been telling yourself, and it’s a fraction of the excuses that you’ve used to avoid it. Not to mention that you’re physically addicted, mentally addicted, or both. So, what are you going to do other than becoming a mere bump on a log, resigned to a humdrum life?

Lorraine’s House compiled this list of things for you to do! They cover a broad range of activities. Therefore, we are sure that you can find at least three to five of them to enjoy. And, that’s a conservative guess. Alas, the awaited list for fun in sobriety is below.

Activities for Your Fun in Sobriety 

Search for some new favorite music! 

Check out records at a music shop!

Plan future vacations that you want to take!

Play goofy word and board games. 

-Take up a new hobby.

-See movies — and remember them! 

-Try new restaurants around town.

-Reorganize or decorate your living space! 

-Take up a new exercise class or routine. 

-Go for long drives to see the scenery you’ve missed before.


-Visit local museums and find out about unique artifacts.

-Find a laughter yoga session — yes, it’s a real thing! 

-Go out for some sober karaoke.

-Take a cooking class.

-Learn how to bake something that you love! 

-Paint something!

-Take a pottery class!

-Go geocaching!

-Get some friends together and go to an escape room. 

-Write some poetry. 

-Find a fun place to hike.

-Join a meetup group.

-Take a guided tour of your city. 

-Search Pinterest to create some digital dream boards.

-Write a creative story using your imagination and NO judgment. 

-Get a massage.

-Join a recreational sports team. 

-Volunteer your time at a pet shelter.

-Volunteer to help the elderly, disabled, school children, etc. 

-Peruse a local book store

-Get inspired and make a bucket list!

-Host a funny movie marathon for some indoor excitement! 

-Build an awesome fort for yourself or the kids in your family. 

-Look up information about careers online. 

-Learn origami! 

-Take a stab at something you always thought you wouldn’t like. You may surprise yourself. 

Clearly, we’ve debunked the myth that you’ve got to be a boring nobody if you want to stay sober. Some of the items on this list are best to be undertaken with a sober friend or some planning ahead! Things like concerts and traveling may have been prime time for our drinking/using. Whatever you choose, make sure to congratulate yourself because you’re putting in the effort to have fun in sobriety! The power is in your hands!

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