Things You Can Do to Support a Sober Friend

As we grow and change in time, so do those around us. In today’s society, a good portion of citizens are either in recovery from drugs, alcohol, or both or may end up there. The chances are that you have a loved one who is going to be in recovery at some point. Here’s what you can do to support a sober friend and be an outstanding pal.

Ways to Be Supportive

  1. Encourage them to get to meetings.
  2. Ask them about their progress.
  3. Find events and activities that don’t involve alcohol or drugs.
  4. Ask them how they’d like to receive support.
  5. Be honest with them about your own thoughts and feelings.
  6. Let them know how they can be a better friend.
  7. Share a laugh!
  8. Let them know that you’re proud of them – when it’s the truth!
  9. Ask for what you need, too.
  10. Be your true, authentic self!

A Few More Thoughts

Some of the items on this list of how to support a sober friend could be thought of as a bit touchy. Looking over it myself, I thought recognized that I may not always welcome somebody else’s critique of how I can be a better friend. With this in mind, allow me to elaborate.

Anything on this list should be adhered to with thoughtfulness in mind. Consider how well you know this person, their current state of being, and the way which you approach it! If you know your friend is having an off day, you may choose number one or four for starters. Are you having a deeper conversation or do you feel as if your relationship can handle some talk? Go ahead and mention number five or six!

You get the idea, right? Different ones on this list can be enacted at different times for best results. Choose a couple that your instincts see as helpful! Hint: number four usually doesn’t hurt! Let us know how you do with this list of ways to support a sober friend.

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