Helping Women Overcome Alcoholism and Addiction

We’re all aware that alcoholism and addiction are significant issues in the United States and elsewhere, not any new news here!

Finding proper diagnosis, and getting the right treatment for those in recovery, is an ongoing scary effort.

At Lorraine’s House we recognize that women, in particular, have special needs for recovery which were not being met; Lucy, the women behind Lorraine’s House; pledged to help women in their recovery journey.

In utilizing a variety of recovery tools, Lorraine’s House aims to guide women to develop their coping skills, including:

Emotional growth

Spiritual growth


Healthy lifestyle

Don’t Wait to Get Help Now


In addition to Lorraine’s House program, we offer a series of tools to aid women in their self-recovery. We also hold weekly meetings which allow women to come together and experience positive recovery.

Lorraine’s House is designed specifically to help women in recovery transition back into the world.

Questions about our recovery homes for women?

We offer 100% confidential substance abuse assessment and a recovery plan tailored to your individual needs.

Achieve long-term recovery.