Sober Ideas for a Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

Sober Ideas for a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration | Lorraine’s House Holiday Blog

To celebrate something, we have different options. It depends on what the party is honoring and how we want to do that. When it comes to Saint Patrick’s day, many alcoholics and addicts alike have used it as an excuse to validate their out of control using* for yet one more day.

At the same time, being out of control isn’t a prerequisite to adopting some other choice to celebrate the day. This article is dedicated to sober ideas for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

When we speak specifically of alcoholics and addicts, we can say that the rationalization for another day of partying is less than sane in the light of our drinking and using behavior every other day of the year. It stands to reason that if we’re using on many days without the need for a ‘reason’ (other than the constantly alongside us fact that we’re addicted), we shouldn’t need to justify this day, either.

This being said, if you find yourself saying or thinking something along the lines of, “I’ll let myself loose tomorrow to party hard. Since it’s a holiday, I have pretty good reason to do so,” you may consider that there are in fact other options. So, addicted or not, read on to find what you may partake in instead. The suggestions won’t be full of adrenaline or make you want to jump out of your seat. They will, however, put a spin on your traditional choices.

What to Do Instead of Partying on Saint Patrick’s Day

Use any of these ideas for a sober Saint Patrick’s Day celebration and enjoy a unique experience. Alas, the ideas:

-Consider who Saint Patrick (‘Patrick’ is not, in fact, his birth-given name) was.

-Learn about the life he lead, his notable achievements and beliefs, etc.

-Reflect on what you agree and disagree with about his life.

-Eat green eggs and ham.

-Watch movies about Ireland!

-Get a shamrock shake from McDonald’s.

-Munch on some Irish soda bread.

-Have a corned beef cabbage dinner!

-Stay in and do something completely unrelated, you rebel you!

You’ll Be Able to Remember Your Celebration

Well, you’re on your way to journeying through this day without drinking or using. With your knowledge about sober ideas for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, you can put them into action, and you may just find one of them becomes a new tradition! Cool!

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*For purposes of this article, the terms ‘drinking’ and ‘using’ are meant to be interchangeable. Please use the word(s) that are relevant to your behavior or that of whom you think when you read this.