Sober Living Homes in Kansas

Sober Living Homes in Kansas | Transitional Living at Lorraine’s House

Many addicts are tired toward the end of their using journey. That is if there is an end to it before the disease ends the addict’s life. We’re not trying to be harsh, it’s just reality. However, if you have suffered long enough under the lash of addiction and you are ready and willing to get sober, Lorraine’s House is here to help you do just that. Specifically, we offer housing to addicts in recovery.

Let us tell you more about our Sober Living Homes in Kansas. That way, you can find help for yourself or a loved one who is ready to recover.

About Our Transitional Living Homes

As of March 2019, we have three sober living homes in Kansas up and operating. They are, in order of their establishment, Lorraine’s House sober living home in Olath, the Farmhouse in Overland Park, and the Lion House in Overland Park.

In each of our homes, the residents are offered a practical place to live. With personal space for belongings, a cozy family room, and bedrooms for comfortable sleep and restoration, they’re likely to feel that their sober living environment is more than a house. Our hope is that it feels like home to each resident.

How to Live in One of Our Sober Living Homes

The homepage of the Lorraine’s House website has a button directing the applicant to a form to fill out for residency. You will find the button at the bottom of the page along with directions about following up!

When you’re finished with the process of filling out the application and contacting Lorraine’s House, you’ll help yourself by reading over our handbook. In this book, you’ll find our guidelines for the best living experience.

If you will comply with our guidelines and do your part to stay sober, Lorraine’s House will provide the place for your beginning. You can rest easy knowing that you have a place to call home and feel safe during your process. We are grateful that you trust us Lorraine’s House sober living homes in Kansas!

To find more about Lorraine’s House, visit here.