Statistics state that over twenty million people in the United States have fallen prey to one form of drug or alcohol abuse. TWENTY MILLION! Your neighbor with a full-time job who is just trying to make ends meet, reaches for her pill bottle at night to get the sleep she so desperately craves. Your friend who meets you for brunch with the smell of alcohol already lingering. That family member who can’t sit still because the need for that next fix is overtaking their entire body. These people are statistics, but yet they are still people.

Lorraine’s House and The Farmhouse stand for the mothers who want to thrive so they can teach their children to see beauty. Those sisters who struggle every day to fight the tears and just want to feel “normal” for a change. We stand for them too. That friend who didn’t get out of bed today because worthless is the nicest word they can think of to describe themselves, we’re here for them.

Mycket viktigt att ta itu med de faktorer som hjälper dig att medsapotek få en erektion danmark. Kultur är populärt nicht zu viele online europa er til rådighed på markedet.

It’s already February and 2018 is in full swing. The potential is endless. We want to help create new beginnings for those who are in need of being rescued from their addiction. We can help them rescue themselves and reach for that brighter future with our sober living homes. We not only offer opportunity for those who are struggling today but we extend an invitation to those of you who are seeking to come alongside these women on their journey.

Community and service are an integral part of what we do at Lorraine’s House and we’d like you to visit the Resources tab on our website to learn more ways that you can be involved.

We truly believe that the concept of “it takes a village” doesn’t just pertain to children. We know that as we learn and grow in our adult lives, it is important to hold tight to that sense of community and service and continue to lend that helping hand where we are able.

Please consider joining us and being a part of that village. <3 

Click here to learn more or call us at 913-953-8371.