Drug and alcohol abuse can cause great damage to one’s relationships with others. The lies, denial, and emotional ups and downs can make it impossible to create healthy relationships.

Being in an unhealthy or abusive relationship is already a difficult situation. Alcohol and drug abuse will only make matters worse. But, quite often, we find the two go hand-in-hand. Having a partner that drinks too much or uses drugs, the effects are normally felt by the children, relatives, friends, and co-workers.

When Drinking and Drug Use is Harming the Relationship

• Money problems, staying out late, not taking care of responsibilities in the home, and so forth
• Having to cover for a partner that has been drinking or using drugs by making excuses as to why they were not at work or family events.
• When a partner reports that he or she drinks or uses drugs to reduce stress related to arguments and fights in the home
• Drinking and drug use are the only things partners like to do together.
• Episodes of domestic violence, or angry touching by either partner while drinking or on drugs.
• Finding that one or both partners need to be drunk or on drugs to show signs of affection or to talk about the problems in their relationship.
• The relationship of the family as a whole becomes isolated from friends and relatives to hide their drinking or drug problem.

Although most couples will not show all of these danger signs, if even one of these is present in your marriage or relationship, it indicates that it may be time to take action of the relationship and find ways to make it better or get your loved one help.

There are many different treatments available. Lorraine’s House and The Farmhouse in Olathe Kansas are for women who are recovering from addiction. We help these women transition back into society by creating a safe and structured environment and empowering them to live healthy and happy lives that are drug and alcohol-free.